Looking for a newer Raspberry Pi

Hi All,

I have a student who is learn about RFID technology and has an interface that works with Raspberry Pi 2 or later. All I have access to is the first gen Raspberry Pi and the newer ones, while inexpensive, are completely out of stock everywhere. Does anyone out there have a Raspberry Pi 2 or later (we’re looking for the 40-pin interface, which wasn’t part of the first version) to accept this interface. We would need it for a week or two at most to help him run some RFID labs.

Thanks for any ideas you might have,


Hi Jim,

I’ve got a Raspi 3B that you’re welcome to use, but I don’t have a power supply for it… it needs a 5V 2.5A power supply with a microUSB connector.

If that’s still OK, what’s a good way to get it to you?


Hey Leif,

You’re a life saver! I could pick it up anywhere, Generator, your place, just let me know! We’d only need it for a bit! Thanks!


Hey Jim,

Do you still need use of this Raspberry Pi? I’ve tried sending messages under separate cover to figure out how to get it to you and haven’t received a response. It’s still available if you need it.