Looking for engineering help

I’ve been working on a controlled combustion chamber model & the concept is complete, down to the last conceptual nut & bolt. I’m looking for help turning this concept into a working machine; First I’d like to make a 3D model if possible (or even just an on-paper blueprint) to iron out the fine details, & I’d be happy to pay anyone for their time to make that happen. Currently I’m struggling selecting suitable materials, finding specifics on copper coils, and a few other minor things.

There’s a lot more to this project that’s hard to put into a single post without writing an essay, sorry if this seems vague - Eventually, this will end up on a website that explains the theory & model in full, I’ll be sure to link it to anyone who’s interested when it comes online.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] or reply here if you’re interested or know somebody who might be - My schedule is flexible & I don’t think it’ll take too long to finish, 99% of the concept has been thought out over the last year or so. Thanks in advance!

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