Looking for lessons in the woodshop

Hi! I’m looking lessons about working in the woodshop. Specifically, I’m hoping to find someone who will help me decide on appropriately challenging projects and give guidance as I work on them. I’ve finished a few small projects, like a cutting board and a laptop stand, but I’m not sure how to progress & build my skills. So, I’m hoping to learn from someone with more experience.

Ideally, we’d schedule weekly lessons for a month or two and then less frequently after that. I’ve been thinking of it as: I’m looking for someone who will help me build a foundation of skills that I can continue to advance on my own.

Of course, I’m willing to pay generously for your time. Please reach out if you’d be interested in teaching me.

Appreciate it.

This sounds like a good fit for me. Let’s chat about your goals and go from there. Meeting in person would probably be best…will you be around Generator (or around town) at all next week?

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Thanks, Charlie! Yes, let’s find a time to chat in-person next week. I’ll be around — afternoons or evenings would be best for me. How about you?

Edit: I can’t tell if this reply is going to everyone or just you — feel free to move to email so we don’t spam other members with it. I’m [email protected]