Looking for some pieces of aluminum


I’m building my own CNC router, based on Joe’s CNC.

I’ve got all the pieces sourced, except for some random pieces of aluminum plate. I know some people in here work in places where they have “drops” of aluminum, so I’m sticking this out into the Universe in the hopes that my needs and your abilities will find a match.

I need:

(All pieces are 3/4 inch thick aluminum plate - I am not fussy on which alloy, but I think 6061 is the most common/cheapest?)

1 piece 12" x 17" (gantry supports)
1 piece 10.75 x 6 (Z adapter plate)
1 piece 5.5 x 9.5 (X axis rack and pinion plate)
2 pieces 3 x 9.25" (gantry upright supports)

If you can help with these, it would be greatly appreciated.

[email protected]