Looking to 3D print something

What is the largest dimension I can 3D print at Generator, and would you say it is a better price than some of those online 3D places like Xometry?

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You have two options here: do it entirely yourself, or try to find someone to print for you. We do not have a general print service IIRC.

The price is relative to your project. If you purchase a spool, and it takes less than the full amount, you have still purchased a spool of filament (~$30 mas o menos).
There is also the assumption that you have a membership. If you have a membership, you’ve already paid for it, otherwise it’s $99 + training (again, if you haven’t done any of this).

Alternatively, you could see if someone here would run for you, but your mileage may vary. you’re always welcome to ask here (and in #job-board ) that you’re seeking someone to print for you.

If i’m incorrect, I’d love for someone else to add to this-

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Just to answer dimensions question directly

250×210×210 mm (9.84"×8.3"×8.3")

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