Lost Laser Cutting Project

hey all! I was working on a laser cutting project on Monday and had to walk home, I left the finished boards in the laser cutting area (intending to take them back the next day), they looked like this:

it slipped my mind and I forgot to collect them. i’ve just came back today but half of them seem to have been moved, any idea where’d be the best place to find them (newbie here)? again, sorry about leaving them lying around. that’s on me.

thanks in advance!

Hi Sam,

I grabbed a handful near the scrap pile for propping up acrylic in my locker. I’ll be back on Monday and can hand them off. Alternatively, get in touch directly and I can tell you where to grab them from if you need them before.


Hey Miranda! Ah gotcha, what’s the best why to get in touch?

[email protected]

Just emailed! Thank you so much!