Magic the Gathering - Kamigawa Sealed/Draft Member Game

Alex Hahl and I were talking about buying a Kamigawa Neon Dynasty booster box and doing a sealed or draft game. Tommy overheard us and wants in, so we figured why not extend the invite to anyone who wants to play?

I bought a Kamigawa booster box just now so now we have to do it.

Anyone wanna play? Probably at Generator in the evening some time.

Edit: seems like we’ve got 5 people so far, one more and we’ve got a full sealed event, any more and we can switch to draft!

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Sounds fun, its been a bit but you could count me in

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Awesome Gary, seems like you’re the 5th so far. Do you prefer sealed or draft?

With 6 we can do sealed, with any more we can switch to draft.

Either way works for me

Tim says that he is 100% in!

Sounds like you’re all full for the draft, but would be down to play with folks some time if there’s an interest!

I don’t think its full, 8 people is standard for a draft.

You’re actually the 7th, so one more for an ideal draft which I would prefer actually.

Hey PJ! Send me an email to [email protected] and I’ll add you to the email thread!

Hey I’d love to join! Do you still need an 8th?