Maker Mentor project - resin dice

I’m one of Generator’s Maker Mentors, and my crew of four mentees (Lia, Cora, Theo, and Miles) are interested in making their own resin D and D dice.

I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations on what resin to buy, or tips or suggests for the project. This is a smart, crafty group, but it will be all of ours’s first time using resin.


A note on the current mentoring set up: currently, because of covid, we can’t meet at Generator, and so one goal of this project is that it be something where we can pass the supplies and tools from person to person, and all do the same project, but on our own time.

Eliza - I have done a little research into making such dice. The Rybonator on youtube has some great videos covering many areas related to dice making from models to resin. worth the time.

This link goes to a video on supplies including resin. LINK
He has a playlist for dice making

Enjoy the process and please post some pics on progress.


I use West Marine resin for micarta and shallow pours for knife scales (but in a vacuum pot for pours)

I am going to pick up some new deep pour resin from Upstart Epoxy soon to try it out for thicker pours.

The bain of any pour is air bubbles. Having a vibrating table, or vacuum chamber is an easy resolve, as is a heat gun, but I am not sure how a heat gun would affect dice molds.

Hey Eliza

The complete sculptor was my go to resource when I used to work in professional model making. Every possible casting material that matters in that word can be found at their website. Very knowledgeable staff and they have things that you can’t find anywhere else on the planet.