Need advice about installing a StrapLok button on my acoustic bass guitar

I recently purchased a Kala U-Bass and have been trying to work out an optimal support system for playing while standing. The bass has an acoustic guitar style body. It’s remarkably small for a bass – about the size of a large ukulele.

It comes with a strap button on the end of the body. I want to install a second button (Dunlop StrapLok) on the heel of the neck.

The mounting screw needs a 7/64 inch (2.78mm) pilot hole drilled 7/8 inch (22.2mm) deep. The neck heel is a little thicker than that — the screw would not be penetrating into the internal mounting block, i.e. any stress while playing would have to be borne by the heel itself.

I’m somewhat confident of my ability to pilot and install the button but would appreciate any thoughts (especially from anyone who has already done this) about the risk of splitting the the heel block in the course of normal use.

I also need to enlarge the holes on my strap to accommodate the 3/8 inch diameter body of the StrapLok connector. The leather is 1/8 thick. Is there a suitable leather punch in the common tool set at Generator?


If you are concerned about the length of the screw then get a shorter one - nothing magical about the screw that comes with it. Or shorten the screw using the dremel. You can also drill the pilot hole a little oversized if that gives you peace of mind.