Need help with dragon puppet

I’m working on a huge dragon puppet and I’m not exactly good at thinking up the more complicated mechanics of said dragon. I need help with the eyes and tongue and maybe a few other problem-solving issues. if anyone is willing to help that would be amazing. thank you! (sorry if this is weird it’s my first time posting on a forum.)

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I’m intrigued. Want a fountain of information in the form of a research buddy? I’m 99 percentile in resourcefulness and this is something I’ve wanted to learn. Plus I’m in production mode, my mind is thirsty for artistic challenges.

I’m also really interested in this project. I’m not super good with the creature modeling, but mechanisms and internal parts I can do

AMAZING! I’m working on a huge dragon puppet, he is ambitious but I think it’s totally possible to finish him. The original measurements were around 20ft long nose to tail but the design has changed since then. he’s a 3 person puppet, one for the head, one for the front legs and wings, and one for the back legs and tail. I’m taking inspiration from Komodo dragons and Smaug for his design. most of the complicated stuff is in his head, I hope to have moving eyes, a blink, opening his jaw, and a tongue flick. I really struggle with math stuff and the moving parts. It just doesn’t click, but I do understand how some things work, and if someone tells me how to do something I can do it