Need last minute sub for Wed night Aug 4 volunteer slot 6-9 PM - swap for anytime next week?

I need to take my wife down to Boston tomorrow for some unexpected medical appts - any chance someone can cover a 6-9 PM volunteer shift Wednesday Aug 4? I can take on just about any slot next week except for Monday night . . . . so appreciate any help anyone can offer - Allan Miller (802) 324-9374 or reply to this post. Thx

Hi Alan,
I can! Text me at 603 289 8622. I’m not a volunteer but a studio member so I don’t know the volunteer process but I bet you can fill me in if that’s fine with generator.

Jon - I just reached out to Eric Roy - membership coordinator since I although I assume it’s fine wanted to double check with their procedures. Basically I hang out, do some sweeping / equipment touch point cleaning and then hang out / work on various pieces of equipment on my own projects - not a tough duty at all. Eric should reach out to clarify for us both though. Thx so much for helping me out of a jam - Allan

You bet! I’ll be there 6-9.
I forget, if someone rings the doorbell will I hear a ring if I’m not at the desk?

Howdy folks,

I’m going to be in until 7:00 p.m. tonight and Elliot said that he is also going to be working late so I think we have this all covered but thank you John for the offer to assist, we greatly appreciate it! I’ll check in with you get here… But the only thing I think we might need help with is if you leave later than we do just making sure that all the lights are off except for the ones in the Sears Lane entrance and wood shop. Cheers!

Okay cool, thanks eric