Netflix Party #3

As disruptions for meeting in person continue, we invite you to another short film on Netflix. :popcorn:

This Thursday at 8 PM April 23rd we will watch and share. “The Creative Brain” :brain: which includes a piece about the Burlington School District’s Integrated Arts Academy. The film taps into the creative process of various innovators like you!

Click on this link to chat.

Jean and John

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try this: Netflix Party #3

I apologize that this link did not work. Any ideas for movie watching together?

I’m not sure how these work- i’ve never set one up myself.

Perhaps for the next one, we could create a poll? I think if people give input, there will be more traction-

Robin that is a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion. If a poll is done what questions Might be effective in understanding our purpose? Thanks for your feedback.

1How often would you watch something inspiring with Members?
2Would you watch movies and or Facebook live for studio sharing?
3Do you use YouTube Party?
4Can movie or Facebook live sharing help our community create together with a focus?
5Do you have Netflix?
6Are you experiencing too much screen time?
7Would you rather be working or without disruptions at night?
8Do you like the idea of having member invited check-in zoom or hangouts chats instead of movie sharing?
9Is Member Nite all you want?
10Is the forum enough to communicate as members and non members?

Strike or add questions below.