New Culture Needed (As Well as TLC) Around 3D Printer Procedures

Good morning All. I post this on the forum today feeling very upset and I strongly feel that this issue needs to be addressed; I feel as though it has been going on for several months and that nothing has been done about it.
I started a 3D print last night around closing (1/11/24). I came in to pick it up this morning to find the print in disarray. My name and phone number were clearly written under Prusa 1 on the whiteboard above the printers. My understanding from my 3D printer certification class is that if you see that someone’s print isn’t working right you CALL THEM to tell them so. If someone had done that it would have saved me a trip here today, and I do not drive.
Also, I came in to find a big wad of the bunched- up filament next to the printer; there is a designated spot for unusable filament in the crate on the floor next to the 3D printer shelf. I think more of an effort could be made to keep this area tidy.
My third area of concern is that I don’t feel the printers are being looked after enough; they all seem to have technical issues - far be it from ME to properly diagnose the problems as I’m not that technical of a person, but I feel that all of our printers could be fixed. I know I am not the only one who has encountered problems with them.
I was really proud of the work I had done last night, and was looking forward to coming in to have a completed piece to show off as well as to use at home. Please please please! Let’s all work together. This is going to be a cliche, and you’ve probably heard it before, but it’s very important- “if you see something, say something! I would add to that: DO SOMETHING! Frankly I am sick of the apathy I notice around here. This can’t keep happening on my part, but I write this with everyone’s best intentions in mind.
I would like to see all four printers working properly, as well as a robust culture of communication among makers to develop around issues, especially when it is expected of a maker to put their name and phone number up on the board, as well as for other makers to call said individual in the case of an issue. It’s just common courtesy.
Thank you for your time.
Edward Burke

I sympathize with the failed prints and would hope folks felt good about notifying people who leave their contact info but not everyone has that level of comfort in doing so.

A solution might be to set up a web based camera that looked at the printers and folks could always just enter in the web address to check in on the print status. The next step if we could get to that point is setting up a print server that would allow people to cancel prints if they see an issue.

As for the printers state of existence I am always impressed with just how well Prusa preform but keep in mind we are a learning space and as such its tough to keep up with folks figuring things out.

Best of luck growing your parts!

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Sorry to hear you had that happen, Edward! Tommy mentioned that you were able to get the print to work by adding a brim, so it sounds like it worked out in the end.

Gary, do you have any ideas for a low cost way we could set up a video stream for the 3d printers?

I am most familiar with octoprint setup

But really any web based camera system could be used to check in on a print and the next step being the ability to remotely cancel a failed print, though some method of password protecting a print would be good.

This might be a good members build if we wanted to get that program going again