New Member Introductions!

A thread for new members to introduce themselves!

New members: show off your work, share your experience, tell us about your dreams, and ask questions about getting started at Generator!

We’re thrilled to have y’all join our little community. Tell us who you are and how we can help you make the most of your Generator membership!


Thank you for making this post Christine! Just to help the process along I thought I would share how I started at Generator and what makes it so real for me. The people inspire me. My dreams are their dreams. When people use each other as allies and resources anything is possible!

I like to be able to help people make something and draw up different designs that come from my art background are to do at Generator. Here are a pair of earrings that have been favorite because of their simple design.

Welcome to all! Jean Cherouny


Just joined and very excited!

I see there’s not a lot of forum activity, if I’m looking in the right place, but seems like it has a lot of potential. I’m here to make some art and develop some products, and hopefully break a lot of (my own) things.

Will post some pictures when I get around to it.
If you ever need help with adobe products I’m a designer/ad guy for my day job.



(Wasn’t looking in the right place, I see some discussion now!)

Hi! Sorry it took me so long to add to this thread.

My name is Nick, I moved to Burlington in April. Prior to that I was living in San Antonio, TX and playing bass in the San Antonio Symphony for 6 years. My wife Esther and I moved here for her career, so I’ve been enjoying finding my place here.

I’m super stoked to learn more about woodworking and metal, I want to do some blacksmithing and learn how to weld! I don’t know what I’ll do with these skills but I’m feeling a lot of creative inspiration in general. I’m also really excited for the 3D printer training! I love the sense of community here, everyone is so friendly and supportive.

Musically, I’ve been enjoying providing background music at Philo Ridge Farm’s dinner series on Thursday nights, here is a link with some brief samples of my “soundscapes”

I look forward to meeting y’all and making cool stuff!

Here is a picture of my first project, I made a shelf!

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Hey, Nick. Welcome to Vermont and to Generator! It’s a great place to connect and learn, build friendships and collaborations, hang out and hear of opportunities. These aren’t normal times, for sure, but the community is strong. Look forward to hearing of your progress. If you haven’t yet met Meg, our Ex. Director, please reach out and say hello sometime. Also, we have two member representatives to the Board: Robin Lloyd-Miller and Jean Cherouny. I believe Robin is on site these days, so you might stop by and (from an appropriate distance) say hello. I’m not sure where Jean is working of late, but she too is available and informed.

PS The founders of Philo Ridge have been long time supporters of Generator, which is a nice tie-in for you.I suppose Also, if you haven’t yet peeked into the blacksmith operation at Shelburne Museum, you might enjoy it. Right now it’s closed, but little by little they are opening things.


My name is Claire and I recently relocated from San Francisco to Vermont. I consider myself a maker, as my ADHD brings me to all sorts of different interests, depending on the lens which I see the world through any given week, it’s a bit of a trip, but the feeling of making and creating things is what I live for. I am consistently passionate about upcycling and/or restoring old furniture, but I’ve never had access to a wood shop, so I am really looking forward to seeing where that takes me in my furniture journey.

I am a founder of a tech company called Facets, that has just received funding within the last week, so I am pretty busy stuck in internet world these days. I am hoping generator will be a place where I can hybridize my love for making things sporadically in the physical world, and then transmuting that excitement and energy into some of the more mundane work things… we shall see :slight_smile: feel free to ask me anything, I’m psyched to join this community. Attached is a photo of a sweatshirt I made with my cricut maker, a silly thing you may see me wearing

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Welcome Claire! What tools/workshops do you plan on getting certified in? I’m curious what you’ll be making!

Hi Claire,

Michael Metz here, one of the founding board members of Generator. Welcome to the Generator community, glad you are interested in making.

If I can be of any assistance to you as a new member please do not hesitate to reach out to me. [email protected]

Hi Claire,
Welcome! I volunteer Sat from 6-9, looking forward to seeing what you make.

Hi everyone, my name is Cassidy. I’m 20 years old living in Winooski & pursuing my commercial pilot license. Currently I’m working on restoring an experimental aircraft to build hours in. I’m interested in all kinds of machines, from electronics to engines & much more.

I’m really excited to learn more about metal & wood working, as well as learning to use new tools. I’ve got a bunch of project ideas in my head & can’t wait to make them reality in this space!

This is my bird - It’s a Ridge Runner model 3, there’s a long history in the design but it’s basically a smaller tandem Kitfox. It doesn’t cruise very fast, but can land & takeoff in less than 100ft & weighs less than 1000lbs at max weight. If y’all have any questions/comments/suggestions feel free to shoot, I could talk about this project all day haha


Wow, this looks super cool! Thanks for sharing this and look forward to seeing what you’re up to as you make your way.

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ummm this is rad as hell!!
happy to have ya at the generator, can’t wait to meet you!

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Hey Everyone. My name is Hope and I live in Colchester. I started wood working in the summer. I’ve built a lot with epoxy and wood (hard maple tends to be my favorite) but, I’m branching out into scroll saw work and signs. I’m excited to get ideas, learn from others and take classes. I’m also excited to connect with local makers!

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Wooooow!!! So cool I can’t wait to have you around :slight_smile:

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Hi Everyone! Sam the new Program Coordinator and MEMBER here! I’ve been excited to begin my work here, but also super-duper excited to begin getting my hands on some tools. I’ve signed up for the laser cutter training at the end of the month and hope to move into wood shop work after. I also really love making paper crafts: specifically greeting cards out of old recycled magazines. I’m typically at the desk or in the office near the Flex Space entrance. Please stop by and say hello!


Hi everyone,

my name is Dan aka skunk or skunkle, I currently live in Morrisville, moved up here from NYC (Brooklyn) in 2019.
I make a living as a 2D/3D graphic/motion/web designer. Been also making or helping make art in various forms for over 20 years, from large scale metal sculpture installations to pimping out rental vans with custom shelving for a film crew, to most recently designing 3D printed jewelry. I’ll post a few examples below.
More importantly, I have just been awarded a grant from Black Rock Arts Foundation for an art proposal installation at Burning Man 2021 (no the event is not officially on yet but they are going ahead and funding some of the art) and I need lots of help! In brief, i proposed an “analog human~powered rhythm generator to manufacture melodious moods” (in other words, a programmable kinetic “band” powered by a human-sized hamster wheel.) This idea is intended to be a platform that can be expanded in the future to include an ever-growing quiver of kinetic musical instruments, so if this sounds up your alley and especially if you are an engineer, please hmu! Here is a quick concept render, followed by a few examples of past projects as promised above. Thanks for reading and I look forward to engaging with y’all futher! (i’ve already taken a couple of the metal shop classes with Jake, and the 3D printer class with Eric).



Welcome to the community!

That human-powered percussion contraption reminds me of something generator members worked on in the past. Fish was looking to create a playground that could generate power for charging cell phones etc at the festivals.

One of the designs we pitched was a giant hamster wheel like this that would power a flywheel that could be used to generate a trickle of power.

I’d be interested in learning more about your vision and what tools you might need to get it prototyped.


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Very good to meet you ! I’m john c and I’m part of a camp called Duane’s Whirled that’s been going to BRC for about 15 years. I’ve only been 4 times some on our crew go every year . We’re also talking about an art car this year. Are you interested in meeting more burners in the area ? I’m sure we’d all like to meet you !

Whatever happens there I love your idea and would love to help . I do electronics, software and fire rigging … but we also have metal and wood workers on our team . Let us know how we can get involved !

-jc (Zatar on the playa)


Hi Eric thank you,
i was the guy that printed the protractor!
JC - awesome to meet you and yes i’d love to connect!

thanks for the interest, i’m putting together a little video presentation about the project that I’d love to share and discuss. I’ll reach out in the next week or so, just have to take care of a few less creative and more administrative things first…