New policy regarding cutting acrylic on the lasers

Hi all,

As some of you may have noticed, Generator’s laser ventilation system has been struggling to keep up with the fumes produced, especially when cutting acrylic. We are currently getting estimates from contractors to improve our ventilation system, but in the meantime we need to make some adjustments to how things are done to keep our space comfortable for everyone.

So, for now, if you want to cut acrylic, you are invited to use Laser 3 in the flex space. It has a fume extractor better equipped to handle it. This means that cutting and engraving of acrylic on Lasers 1 and 2 is temporarily not allowed. Please do also check the calendar to make sure there aren’t any school groups using the flex space at the time you want to use it.

Thanks for your understanding and patience while we work on improving the systems here at Generator.


The fume system does not discriminate materials.

Is it safe to operate at all considering there are so many invisible odors and fumes?

My reasoning is if you can smell acrylic what about the deadly stuff you can’t smell?

We’d get complaints from all over downtown when at memorial. There was a 4k activated charcoal system donated we tossed to make space.

Don’t know if you are trying to eliminate odors or there isn’t proper exhaust at all.

Sounds like more than a charcoal solution if you need contractors.

Ok nobody responded and I was correct.

Isn’t most of this kind of stuff banned from use on the laser in the first place?


I found methyl methacrylate listed in fumes of acrylic in material safety sheet. It’s toxic. Especially when not ventilated

Apparently cast acrylic is worse which is what you get locally.

It’s inert but vaporized has chemicals and on top of that people rarely pull off the plastic coating and laser that unknown. If you take the plastic off you get grid marks from off gassing and would have to retape the piece.

I want to rejoin specifically doing large acrylic work and I’m not allowed in the flex space or to talk to any employee.

That and I’m sure I’m more exposed than anyone so I have valid concerns when it’s reported there is a safety issue and no information on how long it’s been.

I feel like I’m asking reasonable questions in response.

Not a lot of data because it’s usually vented. If it’s not we are inhaling toxic fumes at who knows what levels. As someone wishing to rejoin asap to return and give back to the community I just see another block.

I can’t afford to have someone baby sit my acrylic jobs.

Safe to use assumed proper ventilation

Banned materials hurt the laser more than people.