Next Member Nite!

Hi Generator Members!

We’re looking to have another member nite soon! Preferably, after the 18th- we’d like to consider 2021-01-20T23:30:00Z . Wednesday seemed to work last time.

Is there anyone who would like to showcase something they’ve done for Pechakucha? Message me, or send a message to @Member-Reps !

We’d also LOVE your feedback! I’ve created a fantastically simple feedback form here:

Let me know your thoughts, and whether
Wednesday, the 20th at 6:30pm works:

  • yes
  • yes, but not at 6:30pm
  • no

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// Robin

As of now, i still only have 3 total votes regarding the 20th at 6:30pm!

I’d love to get more info from the rest of ya’ll, so please login and vote here:

// Robin


so one last thought, that Meg fortunately brought up-

The 20th is Inauguration-

Is this still the best time? Should we move it to another day?

Perhaps it would be best so people are not pulled between one or the other

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Try for Weds Jan 27th?