[November 2020] - Member Nite (This wednesday!)

Hi Generator folks (Members in particular!)

This Wed: 11:00 PM we’ll finally be having another member nite! The details of which you can find right here!

What is Member Nite?
Member nite is a couple of things! First and foremost, it’s a point of contact for the community to be able to discuss things about Generator itself, and to meet each other. It’s also a time when the director can give an update about the state of Generator, and to check in about the going-ons. If you’re a new member, this is a good time to meet others!

It will be on Zoom- The link will be sent out in an e-mail, so look for it!

A Couple things

  • I am currently the only member rep - ! And I can certainly use your help- If you’re interested in becoming a member representative; please contact me!

  • If you’re interested in sharing your work at member nite, please also contact me here, I (and everyone else here) would love to what you’ve been working on!

Hope to see you SOOOON!


I would be happy to be a member representative to the board if we do not have anyone else interested.

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