Oscilloscope, Tektronix TBS 1104 Digital

Make: Tektronix
Model: TBS 1104
Serial: C012645
Manual: TBS 1000 Series Manual

scope clear


Displays voltage over time.

  • 100 MHz Bandwidth
  • 4-channel
  • Up to 1 GS/s Sample Rate on All Channels
  • 2.5k point Record Length on All Channels
  • Advanced Triggers including Pulse Width Trigger and Line-selectable Video Trigger
  • 16 Automated Measurements, and FFT Analysis for Simplified Waveform Analysis
  • Built-in Waveform Limit Testing
  • Automated, Extended Data Logging Feature
  • Probe Check Wizard


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Supporting Equipment

Tool Type Make / Model / Link
Probe TPP0100

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