Pitch your idea -- or challenge -- to UVM's Center for Biomedical Innovation

Pitch your IDEA or CHALLENGE to the UVM Center for Biomedical Innovation

Online Workshop 2 - 4 p.m. Wednesday, February 17

UVM’s Center for Biomedical Innovation wants your PROJECT IDEAS.

Have you been thinking up a new product, technology, app, service, or program aimed at improving delivery of health care in Vermont, especially in rural areas? Have you been tripping over a problem in your delivery of health care, just begging for a solution? Join us!

Who should be there: Engineers, Healthcare professionals, Business experts, Entrepreneurs, Public health specialists, Data scientists, Social researchers, Students, Faculty, and Staff.

CBI will identity projects we can support with faculty and student teams in the coming Spring semester. We will introduce the CBI and it’s successful projects and lay out the expectations and available resources for selected projects. You will:

· Present your potential project ideas.

· Brainstorm with other attendees and CBI faculty.

· Take part in breakout discussions to define, refine and combine your project ideas.

We will announce selected projects on Wednesday, February 24.

RSVP to Mike Rosen at [email protected] to receive the event link and password.

Learn more about CBI at uvm.edu/cems/center-biomedical-innovation.

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