Power Suply, Triple Output, Instek GPC-3030DQ

General Info

Make: Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd. (GW Instek)
Model: GPC-3030DQ
Serial: 9061521 & 9061500
Manual: User Manual


The Instek GPC-3030D is a triple output, 195W, linear DC power supply. Channels 1 and 2 are fully adjustable(0-30V series, 0-60 parallel). Channel 3 is a fixed 5V/3A with ripple and noise at less than 2mVrms. Overload and reverse polarity protection keep GPC-3030D and its load safe from unexpected conditions.


If the fuse blows, the CV or CC indicators will not light and the power supply will the not operate. The fuse is located on the rear panel. Disconnect power cord before replacing fuse. Replace with T6.3A 250V fuse only.
If blown for any reason contact the shop lead.

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Fuse T6.3A 250V Supplier Link
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