Rebecca Schwarz: Craft for Climate!

Hello, I hope you will join me to Craft for Climate! Sessions coming up this Sunday 2/13 at noon, and next Wednesday and Thursday 2/16 & 2/17 at 7pm. Join together (online) to make art for / about the interrelated issues of climate justice.

❤️Create together! I will share some brief inspiration / examples of how the arts help make change happen. Working together from our various creative spaces – kitchen tables, floor spaces, etc. we will craft for climate! Maybe make a ‘life ring’ or Valentine for the 2/18 Climate SOS Rally at the Statehouse (more info below), or something to send to your representatives (physically or in a picture). Bring some basic supplies if you have them. Lots of time for conversation, questions, and sharing projects if you’d like.

💙Art can hold conflicting ideas simultaneously – fear / joy, grief / celebration. Art can be a mirror that helps us discover where we are. Crafting / making art has been shown to help us feel better – even if we think we aren’t good at it :slight_smile: and is one of the tools in your magic backpack. Dance / Create / Write with climate love / grief to find those growth edges of thinking / feeling / understanding that the arts help us to grow. Art is a form of thinking / not thinking – ready to play anytime / anywhere you are :slight_smile:

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Please share widely about the Climate SOS Rally and/or about the Crafty for Climate sessions.

Join the big winter Climate SOS Rally on the Statehouse lawn in Montpelier on Fri., Feb. 18 from 11-1 PM. We’ll ask our political leaders to right the ship of good policy by implementing strong, just legislation before we sink further into the climate crisis. Come join the artistic waves that will appear to engulf the Statehouse. Bring your own flotation device and become one of the “swimmers” seeking rescue from the climate emergency. A tarp or sheet is also welcome to add to the waves we plan to make. You’ll hear from speakers, join in the singing, enjoy some hot drinks, make art, and connect with friends and neighbors to change the status quo. (inclement weather date Sat. 2/19 same times as original day)
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