Remembering Scott Fusare

Generator friends,
I am sad to report that Scott Fusare, a long time member of the Generator community, passed away on July 9th after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Scott was an early member of Generator and helped set up our electronics spaces both in Memorial Auditorium and at Sears Lane. Scott was a natural born scientist with a deep curiosity and passion for all types of science and technology. He loved spending time in his basement laboratory inventing elegant devices to explore the secrets of electricity, light, radio waves, and chemistry. Scott was extremely generous with his talents and was always willing to help other’s with their projects here at Generator , at UVM and around the world through his activity on a variety of online technical forums. Scott loved making big sparks… and helped me build the Tesla coils I use in my shows with kids… I will think of him every time I spark one of those devices up .

You can read Scott’s obituary here

Scott’s wife Dasha and their daughter Veronika will holding a celebration of Scott’s live on July 30th at Button Bay in Vergennes from 4pm-7pm . Please let me know if you would like to attend.

Dasha and Veronika are also running a fundraiser for pancreatic cancer research here


Thanks for keeping Scott and his family in your thoughts.


Thank you for posting this. I am super bummed that he is gone, but happy that he is no longer suffering. Scott was a great mind and mentor figure to all of the OG’s of Generator including myself. Although I only really had about a year or two to absorb his presence, he was able to teach me a lot about bit-banging, current transformation and flow (along with the thermodynamics associated), motor theory, shielding, noise mitigation, RF, PCB design and proper grounding (which might have been the most important thing I’ve ever needed to, but didn’t know I needed to learn). I would like to attend and share my gratitude for his life.


I am so sorry to hear of this loss. Scott left an impression on everyone who got to know him! His gregarious knowledge share was a huge boon to this community in the early days. Moreover… His creative resilience left you feeling like anything was possible. I would love to join this celebration of his life and impact.

Thanks for the responses about Scott. Here’s the eVite for Scott’s celebration of life this Friday 7/30 at 4-7PM at Button Bay. Please use the link to RSVP so we can get a count of those coming.

Thanks !