(request) new sub-categories to create

what kind of sub categories should the shops have?

Not sure the shops need sub-categories at the moment. Sometimes too much hierarchy can prevent visibility. What they could really use are some dedicated pinned posts that answer FAQs.

However, after using the google groups for some time I do think we could use a few more categories. We should definitely have a forum dedicated to upcomming Events.

We also had many posts in the google groups regrading donating materials to makers or people looking for a particular physical objects. Not sure what to call it, I like Bartertown (but 'm a nerd).

In addition, we should add something for Software or the “The learning Lab” for anyone seeking help in that realm as well as provide a place for reports and requests from users.


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Those are good suggestions!

I agree on the point about sub categories. i think if we’ll need them, we can add them later too.