Reservation apps or programs?

Hey y’all, we’re thinking about replacing our Google Members Calendar that we all use to reserve equipment with something more user-friendly.

The system would need to allow for:

  • people to make individual reservations in all of our equipment/workshops
  • people to consult the calendar to see what times are available
  • the ability to sort by spaces/equipment (i.e., I only want to see what the wood shop looks like this week)
  • making equipment unavailable for reservation if already reserved (no more double bookings!)

If you have any apps or programs you’ve used that you like, let me know!

Thanks for taking this on.

I have no particular platform preference.


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Does squarespace have any good reservation plugins? May be easiest to have people register through Generator’s member portal- we won’t have to do user validation either since you’d have to be a member to do such a thing, and might be easiest to integrate.

that said i don’t know much about reservation software in general-

After some googling, I found this company that has integrations with google calendar:

I thought it worth a more in-depth investigation as to whether it is what we’re looking for for Generator.

I hope this helps!

I enjoy the fact that new solutions are being looked at. The old system is so hard to track what machines will be in use, etc. Even more imperative with reduced numbers in COVID times. I have trouble even now reserving time, I had to ask Generator staff to enter time for me this week.

Might be worth checking to see if what ever we do move to can be easily incorporated with the forum. I know the current calendar has its limitations but eventually we should be able to tie it into our forum.

These are all great suggestions. Thank you all! keep them coming.

I do like the idea of connecting with the forum if there is a way.


Re: Forum: That i can talk about-

  • We recently disconnected the forum from membership- so that would have been easier previously when your login was your membership.
  • We currently have no automatic system for comparing whether a user is a member or not, so any calendar integration would be open to non-members as well.
  • We also don’t have plugins for the forum yet, as that requires someone with more knowledge of server things and the time to do it- Calendar integrations was one of the first things i wanted to implement, but i don’t know how to do it :grimacing:

Those are the challenges that faces- none impossible, just maybe difficult-

// Robin

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