Respect the calendar

Respect the calendar, please. Please.

For the second time recently, and has happened in the more distant past, I’ve been denied access to a calendar booking on a machine because someone decided to not check the calendar (or did check and used poor judgement) and started a job that ate into a significant portion of my booked time. Not to stoop to the level of their indecency, I’ve let folx finish their work.

So, while I’ve personally been non-confrontational about this misgiving in the past, it’s now lost time into my business, and since this is happening too frequently, I will end whatever operation is eating into my scheduled time immediately moving forward.

Thank you.



Thanks for bringing this up.

I have recently been using the milling machine quite a bit, and I worry that someone might be already there when I make the commute, and/or I might be using it and someone else wants to use it, and they make the commute unnecessarily.

I would also like to get back to using the laser, but it’s always busy…

Where is the calendar for reserving machines? I haven’t used it for a while (okay, since pre-COVID, it’s been a while) so now I can’t remember where to find it…


Hi William!
I can grant you access to the calendar again (sometimes it kicks people off randomly), so you should see an email from me shortly. You can call tools in the Member Calendar and pick the timeframe for how long you expect to use the tool. Let me know if you have any questions!