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Hello fellow educators and happy new year! It has been a while since I’ve written, as our monthly Tech Tuesday meetups have taken a bit of a holiday break. I’m pleased to invite you to our next web meetup on 2/8 which will feature the Universal Robots e-series platform. I’ll be showing off the system live from AET Labs’ demo room. Whether you are new to integrating robotics in your classroom, or a current user excited to share what you’ve been up to, it would be a pleasure to have you in attendance. Learn more about the event and register here!

In the coming months we are planning other Universal Robots related Tech Tuesdays with featured guests joining us to discuss topics like end-of-arm-tooling (AKA end effectors, or the devices attached to the end of a robot arm). Check out some videos of EoAT applications on Robotiq’s website.

I am always interested in learning what you’ve been up to in your classroom, lab or workshop. Reach out if you’d like to be a guest presenter during one of these events! I hope to see you soon.

Adam Zelny
Applications Specialist
AET Labs
After registering you’ll be provided with a link to join our web meeting on the scheduled date via Microsoft Teams.

Click the image below for a short video featuring Robotiq’s object detecting wrist cam and UR’s palletizing template!

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