Roland MDX 40a CNC

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Ideally the purpose of this thread on the Roland MDX 40a would be to progress the general knowledge base that we have around the machine. My hope is that folks tack on experiences, instructions, techniques and work flows that they have accumulated around the machine and not necessarily upkeep, scheduling or maintenance issues unless they are pedagogically written.

To start if off I have collected a few resources that I’ve found online that would help my students and those certified on the machine to remember the standard SRP player-centric workflow.

An awesome person (Tom) made an instructional video 3 part series that’s relatively extensive for this machine
Tom’s Roland MDX 40a video series - part 1
Tom’s Roland MDX 40a video series - part 2
Tom’s Roland MDX 40a video series - part 3

Tons of source material including the users guide, tons more videos and tips Roland official resource page

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Roland MDX40a 4 Axis 3D Mill

The MDX-40A High Precision CNC Milling Machine combines the advanced capabilities of a Subtractive Rapid Prototyping® (SRP) system with the ease-of-use of a benchtop CNC mill to provide product engineers and designers with a powerful 3D milling device. Offered at less than half the cost of additive systems, MDX-40A produces affordable and highly accurate prototypes from a wide variety of non-proprietary materials with greater precision and excellent surface finish. Unlike other CNC machines used for rapid prototyping, the compact design of the MDX-40A is the perfect fit for any office and classroom space. It can even function as a CNC engraving machine.

General Info

Make: Roland
Model: MDX-40A
Serial: ZB02079
Manual: Manual (hardcopy next to machine)



Machinable Wax

Modeling Clays/Foams



Clean the machine using small paintbrush located below the machine. Brush wax chips into the ziplock bag for recycling.

More Learning

Tooling Available

Generator provides a selection of standard tooling. The tooling lives next to the MDX-40a on the shelf.

Tooling Name P/n
1/64“ Engraving Bit Kyocera EMB-125-2F-016
1/32” Square End Monster Tool Co. 1/32-4FL-SE-REG BN
1/16“ Square End Kyocera EMF-125-2F-063
1/16” Square End Long Reach Kyocera EMB-125-2F-063L
1/16“ Ball End Long Reach Walter Prototyp AH4046918-1/16-0.313
1/16” Square End Monster Tool Co. 45XJ88
1/8“ Square End Variable Helix M.A. FORD 17712500A
1/8” Ball End Kyocera 1625-1250.375
1/8“ Ball End Kyocera EMB-125-2F-125
1/4” Ball End Micro 100 Super Carbide BEF-250-500
1/4“ Engraving Bit Unknown


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This is awesome. I think some information/videos for us to consider making would be:

  1. How to recast the machining wax
  2. Clean up
  3. A Roland specific feeds and speeds chart

What do you think? Thanks for transferring the information to Discourse. This is a really great platform.