Seeking Clean Trash & Introduction from this quarter's Artist in Residence

I am excited to meet and talk to you all as I work at Generator as artist in residence. Please say hello if we overlap or want to talk art, lights, environmental ideas, action, etc!

Currently I am seeking clean plastic trash to make a giant quilt / petition.
If you can, please bring any clean trash that can’t be recycled: before 9/9/21

  • Chip and cracker bags
  • Frozen food bags
  • Milk, broth, juice cartons

Drop plastic trash or just say hello at my studio spot behind Eric’s desk.

Looking forward to learning more about what is in the works at Generator and the people that are making things.


No nuts please (or the bags they came in) though that kind of plastic would be great

The petition is for producers to take responsibility for what packaging they produce, and start to shift responsibility

Bring all your (clean) trash that can’t be recycled before 9/9/21 :grinning:

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Love this!! Love the concept. i know i have a ton of that, would tetrapak’s fall under consideration?

Yes - tetrapak would be great!

lol forward to meeting you soon with a materials contribution and chat how to help you towards art hop.

“Searching for effective practice that helps me, with mankind, better harmonize to our trauma tied planet.”

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Great! Thanks!

Hi Zed, I hoped to connect with you yesterday during your shift but couldn’t get there. Please be in touch if you want to talk more about art hop and trash :slight_smile:

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Thanks for touching base! Yes I would enjoy making your acquaintance and perhaps share a common project with you someday.
Being a pedestrian, this intense heat pauses me from being more active.
Yet, if you were to call, I would drop most anything to show up and meet you. Just knowing someone like you with your focused energy spurs me onward with my own mission which I try to take at least a tiny step in that direction every single dang day!

“Searching for effective practice that helps me, with mankind, better harmonize to our trauma tied planet.”