Seeking Volunteer to help with Social Media

Hey y’all, is there anyone interested in helping Generator elevate its social media game during their volunteer shift?

The sky is the limit of course, but right now what I really need help with is listing Generator’s current classes and trainings on our Facebook page. This is a basic and boring task, it’s a lot of copying and pasting, basically.

Beyond that, there’s a lot of potential. We always need more/better photos and videos of people doing rad work at Generator. There’s the potential for this to be a full-on Generator volunteer position for the right person. I have an overall strategy in mind for Generator’s social, I just don’t have the capacity to create the content and execute it. If someone with the skills were into helping out, I’d be very excited.

Let me know if you can help out with the FB event piece and/or if you want to explore this opportunity more.

Christine, if you are interested in exploring internships to fill this need and other (marketing video editing and other media), let’s chat. I have access to students looking to build out resumes and can help you network with our career dev folks to build ongoing opportunities.

Hi Christine,

I’m definitely interested in discussing this with you. I work in Digital Marketing right now, so this could be a good fit, I’d just need to figure out scheduling.

I’m not generating a lot of content for Digger in my day-to-day right now, but I do help some of our advertisers craft that content marketing strategies and assets, mostly as an editor. We’re looking to develop this aspect of our business in the coming year, so this could be a really good opportunity for me to stretch some muscles.

Give me a call if you want! (802)777-3085, or swing by the front desk during my 3-6 next Wednesday.