Shift Coverage Friday, August 28th

Hi all,

Looking for coverage for my 10-1 shift on Friday, the 28th. Willing to swap shifts that week or for a date in the future.

Thanks so much.

Catie Owen

Hi Catie,

Do you still need coverage for this shift? I’d be able to come in for it if needed. As well, I am looking for coverage for this Sunday from 1PM-4PM. Would you be able to do a swap for then?


That would be such a help, Jude. I would be very willing to help cover another one of your Sunday shifts, but will be away this Sunday. Is there another Sunday in the future that we could swap for? Let me know.

Hope you are well!!



Hi Jude,

I did just find coverage for this shift, but definitely let me know if you ever need future coverage!!


Sorry for the delay on my part! Thank you, I will definitely let you know and same to you. As well, I’m still available tomorrow if it’s needed. Thanks again!