Shift Coverage this Saturday, August 1

Hi All,

Still waiting on my coronavirus results to come back from the lab.

I may receive them before the weekend but in the event that I don’t is anyone available to pick up a 1-4 this Saturday?

Totally open to swaps.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Sam! This is Jesse Poirier here.

I’m a Volunteer on Wednesdays 4-7.

Due to future conflicts with UVM classes. I’m looking to trade my volunteer shift for someone on Saturdays.

I fine with trading this coming Saturday if you cover next Wednesday 4-7. I would also like to make this permanent.

Let me know your thoughts.


Hi Jesse,

I just left you a voicemail. I’m definitely down to swap this Saturday for the following Wednesday, and I think I’m open to making that permanent as well. Feel free to hmu when you get this. My number is (802)777-3085.


Hello Samuel,

Great news! Glad to hear we can do the trade. I will fill in on saturdays from here on out.

I can fill in starting tomorrow. Makes 2 shifts in 1 week. But thats ok with me! I will let Jon know we traded shifts.

I didnt get a missed call from you. Perhaps i have typo for my number in Discourse, i will check it out. Sounds like you are down to make this permanent. Just confirm when you see this. My old shift is 4-7 on Wednesdays.

Thanks Again! Have a good weekend.