Tagging and groups- What could this look like for us?

Hi Generator community!

I’ve been reading up on

It seems as if there’s a pretty useful system for grouping information: tagging and groups.

I’ve already started with a couple groups, but given the feature set here- is there any ideas people have for how this could be used?

To start off- i think we could use tagging in the wiki to group pages by the area the pages reside in: such as section, tool type (or by material?) - Thoughts?

// Robin

We should definitely use tags as it will aid in searching for relevant information on the tools documentation.

The search needs to be relevant enough to be useful to nonmembers too so people considering a Generator membership can quickly find the tools they would be interested in.
So for example the tag for the electronics lab should just be “Electronics” and not place lab in the tag.

I would suggest the following list for starters
3D Printer
Weld or Welding maybe?

I am sure there are more (or maybe better) so people should pipe in so we can get a good list of tags.
As soon as we have a good list hopefully they can get enabled

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I think that’s a good start- we can always expand the use of tags if we need to as well.

Currently, our forum isn’t public, so as far as access to the Wiki beyond our community, I’ll have to look into how to open up the privacy. Currently it’s useful for us as far as security, but I understand and appreciate the idea of opening it up.

What do you think about also having material tags? That way someone can search which tools they can use by material, or a combination of tags- It’d also allow us to search techniques by material-

Material is a great method too however it would be very extensive list there and constantly falling short as there will always be a steady stream of new mediums.

Perhaps a general “Material” tag to indicate that the post contain material information rather than specific materials?

We can always worry about a “Public” face of the forum after we get it moving and a bit more polished

I agree with this sentiment about materials. I started creating material groups and it’s exhaustive haha. Perhaps just generalized material tags? Plastic, metal, wood, etc?

ALSO: editing tags is something you can also do i believe here:
All Tags
Tag groups

Although there might be either a group or tag (depending on schema organization) for workshops to distinguish physical plant/operations/supplies issues revelant to specific shop.

I made it so that Wiki editors should be able to modify and create tags, so feel free to expand on what is already there-


That sounds like we need a “Workshop” tag and you would just couple it with the relevant area tag aka wood metal or electronics

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“Machine” seems to lack specificity. :slight_smile:

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I added a “utility” section (it can absolutely be better named!) which includes #administration #workshop and #maintenance

What do you recommend for the machine shop? more specifics? ‘machineshop’?

I was trying to keep “Shop” from any of the tags as I wanted people to be able to search according to a variety of differing descriptions. Not that I would know what those other descriptions might be.
But for example It could be called an electronics shop or an electronics lab etc.

But I agree in my attempt to remain open I may have gotten too vague.
Machine Shop as well as Wood Shop would be more appropriate

I know we have a metal shop, but what is the machine shop? @RobinLloydMiller what do you envision would be in the “utility” category? Not clear about definitions:

administration of discourse, info on/ for use by generator administrative staff/ administrative info for members

Workshops: physical area or educational opportunity

I haven’t read any of the best practice guidance for discourse, but first instinct is to keep it simple and activate tags if/when there is a need.

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A machine shop is precision metal work. So the lathe and mill.
Metal would be the grinders, a break if we had one still, drill press, bender and sometimes welder although I would feel those deserve their own tag

Keep in mind we have both Categories and Tags. We are talking Tags here, not that we cant also talk Categories.

Utilites (admin) in my mind are messages from the staff or shop leads. So if a piece of equipment was down you would tag the area and the Utilities

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I think you’re both correct-

I think there’s definitely a way to abuse tags- but the way i’d see it working is if someone had a question while they were on the Laser cutter, they could search by “laser” tag, which would show all posts about it, but then use other tags to further refine which posts will show up. It may be a more pertinent feature once we have more posts and documents here.

  • This is what i called the utility category. I think it needs a better name- but differentiating the utility of the post was the context behind the name. Definitely open to better ideas!

Anybody have any thoughts on tags that capture “New Users - here’s a great post” or technique level?

I think that’s a great idea. Is “essential” too on the nose?

what’s the context for essential? Like everybody should read this or this is a post that shouldn’t be removed?

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Would a wiki entry for new users that has links to the posts that we feel would best benfit new users?
It could highlight briefly in a sentance important bit and provide a link to the actual information if the reader/new member thought it was relevant to their path. This could easily be added to everytime a relevant new member post came up or some new resource became available

For example but not limited to

The Generator membership includes discounts to a number of local retailers
*et cetera
*et cetera

At Generator we have a number of super helpful folks.

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I like the idea of aggregating info, maybe title it something like “So you want to…” which marks it as a jumping off place.

What do we want to get into it to begin with? I would just start throwing stuff in there but I am not sure what should be there. I could start with just the basics listed aboe and we could let it organically grow from there. I would like to know if we have discounts elsewhere to make a “discount” section. Some stuff in here would rely on other areas having posts already so we an do internal links to them.

I guess after that long ramble I feel like we need to let the forum grow a bit more before this has enough material to work with, but we could always pull the trigger sooner.