Teensy +/- audio shield to borrow?

Hi, folks! I’m wondering if anyone has a Teensy and/or a Teensy audio shield (with pins soldered) that I might be able to borrow for a week or so? (Mine are not working…but in our initial troubleshooting, it’s not clear if it’s a problem with either my Teensy or shield, or an issue with the code or something else…so I’d love to just try the setup with a different set and see if that’s the issue! I may have done something when I soldered…) Thanks!

Are you using a Teensy 3 or a Teensy 4? I ask because the audio shield pinouts are different.

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Hi! I have a 4.1, and the shield is for a 4.0. Though I think I could just change the pins I use in the code if you have a 3?

Though I’m realizing you probably have a Teensy 3 but not the audio shield…alas! I appreciate you reaching out.

no teensys here but it might be fun to trouble shoot. I think you just need a scope and we can probe the outputs and see what is going on

I have a Teensy 3.2 with the revision B version of the audio shield if that’s of any use to you.

Gary would be a great resource to help you figure out what’s going on with your board. Someone really should get him a wizard hat one of these days. =8)

I also use Teensy devices in an audio context quite a bit if you ever want to compare notes.

Good luck with your project!

Hi, Leif! Yes, that would be awesome if it’s possible to borrow it! Thank you! Let me know the best way/time to snag them.

Gary - I did some initial troubleshooting with Tommy, where we did try the scope and didn’t appear to be getting any output…which is part of why we think there could be a hardware problem…but if it still doesn’t work with Leif’s, more troubleshooting would be great! Thanks so much!!