The logo looks really bad in dark mode


Here’s a really sloppily thrown together alternative that would look better:

I’m sure the people with access to the actual source files could do better in about 30 seconds, as this took me about a minute.


It definitely does- It’s been one of those little details I’ve just never spent the time to do.

I can probably upload this one if you think it’ll work better?


I certainly think it would be an improvement, however the blue around the spark bugs me just enough that I didn’t bother fixing it.

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Actually, after doing a quick test, this doesn’t look all that hot, either.

I think a filled-in background would look better, maybe an orange bubble around the text with a thin white highlight would work?

Played with things a bit, changing out the logo for one with the proper transparency and changing the background color of the header results in what is shown.


Quaternary color set to #272989