Upcoming Trainings

There is space in the following trainings coming up over the next few weeks: Check it out!

Here’s your June 10th update with upcoming trainings with space. I especially want to emphasize the Pizza Steel workshop that @AlexH developed, the Mending & Alterations workshop that @Whipstitch developed and the Printing workshop that @jos developed! Be in touch with any questions and please spread the word!

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We had a cancellation in the CNC Router training happening tomorrow (Tuesday)! Please spread the word or sign up yourself! http://generatorvermont.com/calendar#!event/2021/6/22/cnc-router-level-1-make-a-plant-stand

Hi Everyone! Check out the upcoming trainings for the rest of July and August. More dates will be added soon for late August and into September. If you have questions or unmet training needs, email Sam ([email protected]). Thanks!

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Hi y’all! Here’s my semi-regular round up of upcoming trainings and workshops with space. Sign up via the links below. Email Sam ([email protected]) with questions!

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Hello Everyone! I have some more announcements for upcoming tool trainings as well as some awesome Workshops we’ve gotten off the ground. They’re now listed on separate pages on our site (each linked below) and I’m super excited for them:

Tool Trainings


There are more than I’ve listed here in each, so check out the full listings on the pages and check out the full calendar view HERE. Thanks and I home to see you soon!


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Good morning folks! I wanted to put up a quick post with our upcoming educational opportunities. Click the link to register or reach out to Sam ([email protected]) with questions.


Tool Trainings:

Check out the full calendar view HERE and we hope to see you soon!