Upcoming Workshop: "From Project Idea to Project Plan"

Check out Generator’s Upcoming Workshop entitled “From Project Idea to Project Plan” on Mon Dec 5 & Wed Dec 7 2022, 06:00pm to 8:30pm with Charlie Piazza". Here’s the description:

In this workshop, we will explore the design process via the creation of plans for a simple product. Participants collaboratively think through and discuss design problems from ideation, prototyping, to building. We will focus our discussion around a blanket ladder as it gives students a relatively simple product within which they can modify certain parameters and also be able to transfer the concepts to their own designs.

We will also discuss topics such as (end-user) requirements gathering and design for manufacturing (DfM). Students should find this workshop applicable to woodworking as well as metalworking and other physical crafts in which the maker is tasked with bringing an (often nebulous) idea to fruition in a practical, cost-effective manner, at the artisanal or production scale.

Students should expect to leave with knowledge of the design process as well as plans for building the blanket ladder we design as a group.

Please note: We will ensure the design will be fully buildable using the tools in Generator’s tools. However, only Generator members with the requisite tool trainings will be able to use Generator’s shop spaces.

He y’all! Just a reminder about this workshop next week. It’s a great opportunity to gain skills around getting that idea out of your head and into the world! Register HERE soon.