Updated Default Subscriptions (Huh?)

Hi Generator!

As was pointed out in another thread, people who use the forum primarily by e-mail aren’t seeing every post that comes from it.
This was by design, as I figured it would be an opt-in basis, where people choose what they want to be subscribed too. I underestimated the number of people who use E-mail only, and therefor don’t check the forum itself, or aren’t aware they’re even missing posts.

on this end- I’ve enabled default subscriptions to every forum category. This means if someone posts, for example; into Shops > Woodshop- you’ll receive the e-mail thread about it now.

to Unsubscribe from these categories, you can just go to forum.generatorvt.com, and either visit the category, and click the bell in the top-right corner, or visit your account preferences: which can be found by clicking your profile icon in the top right-> clicking on your name-> clicking on the gear icon. The categories you’re subscribed too are shown under the “Notifications” tab: like so:

Please let me know if you’re having trouble with this in any way, confused about what it means, or frustrated by this system- by replying to this, or messaging me directly.

all the best,
Robin Lloyd-Miller