Videos not appearing on Generator website

Hi all,

I’m pulling my hair out about this, but it just occurred to me that there’s likely someone here to can help me get to the bottom of this issue.

I’m making a ton of videos for Generator right now (woo hoo!) but they’re not showing up on our website!

The website is hosted on Wordpress. I’ve tried using the video content block, an HTML block, pasting the embed code into the Text Editor of a regular text block… nothing works.

Here’s the video embedded in a post in the editor:

Here’s the blog post when it’s published:

Anyone good at getting to the bottom of this kind of stuff? I’m sure it’s something simple, but I’ve tried everything I can think of and everything that Googling “why isn’t my video showing up in wordpress blog” turns up.


Can you post a link to the blog post itself? Sometimes it’s the video file, sometimes it’s the browser-

so after some looking in- it seems like this might be due to a problem with either:
a. the theme
b. a plugin,
c. the backend needing updates.

I’m not really familiar with any of this stuff- do we have a web admin for our website? it looks like Wordpress and PHP both need to be updated. The error is something to do with how the theme handles scrolling i think- which is causing the video to not load for some reason. (AFIK)

// Robin

I endorse what Justin said. Two workarounds to try - try an iframe plugin - that might supercede any php or versioning issues. And just posting the link to open in a new page, while not ideal, will get the job done.

I tired installing an iframe plugin, no dice. This is what it looks like now:

yeah, i think it’s because there are too many out of date plugins and they’re not playing nice.

I recommend we reach out to someone who can just perform service updates soon- unless there are any people here who feel confident that they can do that :eyes:

Robin is most likely correct. We were hacked last December due to the website needing security updates. Php specifically.

Christine, have you updated lately? It’s a red icon in the upper left, like a bubble with a number inside, if memory serves correct. The number represents the number of updates needed to be up to date. I recommend doing updates during off hours, like late Sunday.

Hope that helps and we get to see these videos you’ve been working on!

If it doesn’t work, at the very least you’d be eliminating a potential solution with the benefits of an up to date website.

Happy holidays,