VT source for baltic birch plywood?

I need to make a bunch of drawer boxes for some cabinetry and I would prefer to use a quality plywood like Baltic Birch. Does anybody know of a somewhat local source that has recently had inventory, somewhere in VT within an hour drive or so? I used to get it from Treehouse in South Burlington but AFAIK they haven’t stocked it in quite a while.

I thought I saw some last week when I was there, have you been there since they expanded?

They doubled their size and essentially the extra space is all plywoods. Definitely give them a call before you make the trip but they have all sorts

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Most places aren’t able to get Baltic Birch right now because of the war between Russia and the Ukraine. I know that the Treehouse has some very similar stuff that they are selling currently. As Gary says, I would definitely give them a call and see if they have any recommendations.

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The treehouse did receive a shipment of Baltic Birch last week. They get their shipments on Fridays and I’ve been calling them every Friday for over a month now. No clue if they still have it in stock because they said it’s quite sought after and they do not know if it will appear in a shipment or not. Definitely call ahead.

I tried not to be greedy and I only bought one 5 x 5 sheet of 8th inch and one 5 x 5 sheet of quarter inch.

Because of the war in Ukraine (responsible for roughly 90% of Baltic birch), the cost has skyrocketed. Expect to pay between $50 and $75 for a 5 x 5 sheet. Possibly more depending on the thickness you need. The quality is still good.

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If you can register as a business, you can open an account with Atlantic Plywood. They have a bunch of different sizes and thicknesses.

I opened a COD account (I pay when I pick up). They’re located in South Royalton, VT. I drive down and pick it up. They will deliver, but I don’t know the details of that.

I am pretty sure that Treehouse and others in Burlington get their supply from Atlantic.

Contact Claudia:

Claudia J. Norcross
Regional Credit Manager
959-200-3208​ Direct Line
[email protected]

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Pig Iron exports from Ukraine and the region has swelled steel prices globally as well, so woodworkers aren’t the only artisans affected.


Thanks all, I’ll check back with Treehouse and consider arranging a trip to Atlantic Plywood (I do have an LLC so that shouldn’t be a problem). I’ve seen them deliver to a neighbor who runs a woodworking business of some kind just down the road from me so perhaps I can count on delivery even.

I noticed there have been previous attempts to coordinate group buys on the forum here so if there is currently interest in that as well, speak up!

I bought some sheet goods from Treehouse a few months ago and I was asking for equivalent to Baltic Birch, they recommended what they have labeled as bending plywood, if memory serves. Looks decent but was pretty pricy at the time, close to $500 for a 3 4x8 of 3/4 and 1 4x8 of 1/2

There still were some gaps in the layers, not terrible, but wasn’t quite expecting that for the price… Not quite sure on the norm though.

Just following up here… I finally made it to Treehouse this morning and they do indeed have a shelf full of 5’x5’ baltic birch plywood in varying thicknesses. A sheet of 15mm (~5/8") is currently $100 for reference.

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Picked up 3 sheets of 15mm and 3 sheets of 9mm baltic birch for about $550. One cut on each sheet at Treehouse helped me fit it in my Jeep and here are all the rough cut parts for 12 drawer boxes.