What are people most excited for returning to Generator?

Hey Generator folx-

With Generator reopening, with restrictions of course- what are people most excited for to get back to at Generator? What are some projects you’re excited to start?

I’ve been thinking about an electric globe project, that I’ll post in another thread- but having access to the Electronics shop will allow me to prototype that-

I’m also super excited to have access to a 3D Printer again!!

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I’ve been chomping at the bit to get back at that CNC machine in the wood shop - got some art projects I have planned. I also want to build some flower boxes for my family - they bought some prefab for some exorbitant cost, when I can make them for so much cheaper!

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I am eager to get back into my studio, where most of my bookbinding tools and art supplies live. I am also looking forward to cutting out some felt monsters for a kids’ electronics camp that I’m teaching later this month. Robin, I’d like to learn more about your electric globe. I would also like to bribe you to 3D print something small for me, if you are willing/ able.

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@Switchback42 depends what it is! If it’s a model you have, i can easily do that for you no problem!

And yeah, I’ll scan the designs and make a thread about it- it’s got a couple unique challenges, and the project scales really easily. It would be great to get some community input on it.

@StephenJurnack That’s the rub!

I want to make this “Don’t Touch Your Face” pendant (a collaboration with NASA). I just bought the IR sensor. It looks like a straight-forward electronics project.


Oh yeah, the STL is included- and it’s a simple design- it should be a breeze!

Do you want to make one for yourself? If so, I’d be willing to give you the second sensor that I bought in exchange for you doing the print for me. Or…we can negotiate something else. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha no worries- it’s really not that much work! I should be able to do it next time i’m in… which i am not sure when that is quite yet

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Tim and I are working with Mount Abraham Union School District’s Extended Learning Program to build “robotic” costumes for the summer musical. We are using Circuit Playground Express and MakeCode (plus a custom “scheduler” block) to program onboard and outboard neopixels. We might add some motors/servos as well. Also planning to use Teenage Engineering “Speak” synthesizers to add voice/sound manipulation. We can’t be there in person, so we will have to get the camp staff educated up!


NASA Necklace Fights Coronavirus by Reminding You Not to Touch Your Face
Alexandra Garrett
June 26, 2020

Researchers at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Jet Propulsion Laboratory have developed a three-dimensionally (3D)-printed necklace containing a proximity sensor that vibrates when wearers are about to touch their face. Developed in an effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, the vibrations emitted by the Pulse pendant get stronger as the wearer’s hand comes closer to their face. NASA said the necklace is affordable and easy to make. Assembly instructions and a list of parts required to assemble the pendant are open source and free for public use.


What does the “custom scheduler block” do? Did you and Tim create it? Would the “Speak” synthesizers connect to CPE, too?

The custom scheduler is a set of blocks created by my older son Doug, who is a (new) Computer Science professor at Brown University. You schedule code/blocks to run at whatever time intervals you want, and include the ability to pass a from/to count as well. The count is useful to use as a neopixel address, e.g. “schedule every .01 seconds with count from 0 to 23” could be used to cycle through a 24 pixel string. We think it will greatly simplify the coding that the kids will do to control the LEDs.

We envision the Teenage Engineering stuff to be separate from the CPE, but we need to explore this more to see how it best fits in. In any case, we think that the kids will love the synth stuff!


here is an example of using a scheduler block:Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 2.19.58 PM

We are going to encourage them to create and use the variable “dance” to group the behaviors, and switch “dances” by (maybe) using the CPE inductive sensing.


Jill, I’m more than happy to help you with the print. I’ve got filament already.

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Thank you, Brook!

Hi, Folx-Talking to a textile artist from Linkedin today. She also works with adaptive skiing communities! Because I have been making jewelry out of old paintings, painting, and drawing, I am transitioning to The Generator :black_heart: slowly. Reintroducing sewing, maybe electronics because of the multidimensionality of materials appeals to me. It is kinda fun also to imagine creating new emojis. I have tried combining them in layers but have not yet successfully been able to realize them into a usable format. Any ideas? I love your posts!

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I love the face pendant! @RobinLloydMiller or @BrookMartenis If you are printing and able to run a second job, please do :slight_smile:
Maybe we could do a joint (socially distanced) build @Switchback42


@Leisa That would be a blast!

Will do! as easy to print multiple as one.

Thank you @Switchback42 @Leisa @BrookMartenis @RobinLloydMiller @dennisWoos for your contributions. All I can do to help is my offer.

Tagging on the idea for "Will we be doing a member nite Zoom soon?