Who wants their products/work featured around the holidays?

Hey y’all,

Obviously the Holiday Humbug isn’t happening this year and that’s super sad.

But Generator can still drive eyeballs and dollars to makers in our community who sell their creations.

Generator is featuring makers and their stories and products on our social channels starting mid-November!

I’ll be interviewing and taking photos of anyone who’s interested in being featured. Stories – some video, some photo – will be shared on our Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, on our website, in our newsletters, and elsewhere. We’ll share a link to your website/online shop if you have one.

I’m starting to put together these stories now so that they’re be queued up come the official onset of The Holiday Season™.

I’d love to show off your work! Ideally I can catch you in action at Generator, but I’ll also do studio visits if it makes sense.

If you’re willing to participate in this campaign, please get in touch with me at [email protected] so we can coordinate a time to meet up.

Pics of last year’s Humbug. I’m looking forward to the next one in 2021!