Wood Shop and Metal Shop Certifications

Hi All,

New volunteer member here!

Looking forward to getting into the wood and metal shops ASAP. I was told I should try to drum up further interest in these certifications here in the discourse if I want to see that happen sooner rather than later. Anyone else seeking these certifications? Say I, be counted, and let’s see what happens!


Hello Sam! I’m also a new volunteer member, and I too am hugely interested in wood and metal shop training. I look forward to meeting you!


Yes, I love that this thread is happening!

Some of you have already responded to the survey we sent out yesterday asking exactly this question: which trainings are you most interested in?

Here’s the survey for anyone who wants to respond: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1J7cHWq2GVwjH7X38DVMJ-VjGVisXrLOHJm-mTlvlWc4/edit

PS – the early version only allowed respondents to make one selection. I fixed it last night. Feel free to respond again if you were only able to select one area, but you are interested in more than one training.


HI, Christine,

I’d be very interested in using the CNC Wood Router. BUT, has the new router been purchased and installed yet? I donated some money toward that new machine but haven’t heard if it’s there or not.

Are you open now? My membership is not active right now, but that would change if I could get training to use the big router there. That’s really all I need to do right now.


Jonathon Landell
Richmond, VT

Jon - The new CNC router will be here on 7/30 according to Elliot. I’m not sure how long it will take to install and be available for general use, though.

Christine - I’m also interested in taking the CNC router class once the new one is set up. I’d like to do the lathe class at some point, as well.

I’d love to get on that new CNC - have some art projects I’ve been planning. Will we have to re-train on it?

I’m also looking forward to getting in the metal shop. I want to learn the basics in there and fashion some pieces to go with my woodcraft.

Another volunteer interested in whatever re-training is needed for the new CNC. I’m assuming old certifications are still good.

+1 for training on the new CNC.

  • 1 for training on new CNC!

Thanks for the heads-up up on the survey! I missed it when I skimmed the Volunteer newsletter the first time.

I would love to re-up my certification as well.

CNC and plasma cutter are certifications of most interest.