Wood Shop Drill Press is Down - LOTO

Not sure what the problem is but the drill press in the Wood Shop has been Locked Out/Tagged Out

Is the drill press back up and running?

Yes, it has been repaired. Going forward we are going to post broken tools on the google calendar so people can easily see what is available when they are scheduling shop time.

It would be super useful to post them here too, that’s was one of the reasons for the forum

Ya I like seeing them here. As long as we can get it updated once the tool is back online.

I think the benefit of posting a down tool is that its an active notification for those that want them (notifications can be changed and updated in you preferences for the forum) so that if you are thinking of coming in to do a project you are aware of tool status’s prior to even going to the calendar to reserve time.

Fair enough. I will post on the forums when fixing a tool is expected to take longer than the same day the problem is discovered.

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Also folks who discover a broken tool should ppost to the forums
Especially if found on the weekends when the fix might not happen until the week day.

edit: After filling out an incident report to notify the staff of the needed attention