Wood to use for laser-cut/engraved coin-size tokens?

A newbie question here. I’m having a big party and will have a creemee truck there. They suggested using tickets to identify my party-goers (much as I’d like to buy creemees for everyone in Vermont), and I thought it would be a hoot to laser-cut and engrave coin-like tokens for this.

I’ve been trained in using the laser engraver, and feel confident I can do this, but I’m a little unsure what kind of wood to use and where to get it. Plywood or not? Thickness that can be cut through? Where to buy? (I’ve purchased wood at Treehouse before).

Any advice appreciated.

  • Russell

This has always worked out well for me.
I like it because it’s formaldehyde free

If you go to treehouse, get material less than 1/4 inch.

On Amazon you can even find small round hardwood blanks to use.

Thanks for your help, Shawn. I played around a bit today making some prototypes with both 1/4" solid maple and maple plywood. The ‘coins’ look great. I think plywood is the way to go and I think I’d be happier with 1/8" if I can find it (or if there is such a thing as 3/16"…which I doubt).