Woodshop dust collector

Hello all who use the woodshop!

Today I discovered the dust collector over filled and backed up into the filter.

It has been a while since this has happened, thanks to some diligent people ensuring it has been emptied prior to using it.

I know it’s easy to forget to check while working too but please keep in mind after using it you should probably check it as well.

Just a reminder as this will shorten the life of the system (filter primarily but does impact the motor as well). Additionally I have an 1-1.5 hrs of dusty work ahead of me now to clear it out.

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Thanks for bringing this up Gary-

Is there some kind of automated maintenance reminder we could implement? I know my brita filter is pretty useful and diligent about reminding me to change it.

Most systems that monitor a dust collector for how full it is are a bit buggy but they do exist. We had one for a bit but never installed it. Not sure what ever became of it.

How about a checklist that EVERYONE who uses the shop must complete before leaving?

  1. clean up dust etc.
  2. leave tools in “normal” state
  3. put away all stuff like drill bits, router bits, chisels, etc.
  4. check the dust collector and empty if required

I do feel like checklists rarely get followed for very long but its worth a shot.

Maybe we need to have some yearly “refresher” style shop trainings to help maintain and add new policies.

Well, for sure if someone has no intention of being a good member of the community, and clean up their mess and share in shop maintenance, then a checklist ain’t going to do anything. But I think most folks simply lose track and forget, or occasionally maybe they genuinely don’t have time to finish up properly which is a bit more acceptable. I think we need to talk about this as a community - it doesn’t only affect the woodshop as I’ve seen the same thing in the metalshop.

Please be aware that for some members, it is difficult to lift and dump the barrel in the dumpster… being short and having no upper body strength makes it even more difficult.

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Excellent observation, and reminder that everybody contributes as they can. For instance, determining that the collector needs emptying and leaving a note on the table saw would have gotten the job done. I guess this is what being a healthy community is about - working together!

Clean up as you go, folks. It really is that SIMPLE, and courteous.

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Even I find the dust collector bin awkward. That steel drum is heavy duty enough to survive a nuclear event!

Perhaps we can find some sort of insertable bag so that the drum can stick around but the bags get swapped as needed and emptied by who ever is able.

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So in order to use some liners we need a way to keep them down

Is one such option already made for our barrel solution but I was thinking a simple steal ring sown into a couple canvas bags would do the trick and create less plastic waste.

Having two means for any one not able to get the bag empty into the waste bin could still swap them and the next able person could empty it out. Alternatively we could look into getting some stilts :smiley:

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Robots! Build robots with go go gadget legs that can lift it into the trash.
As a woman, most of my issues with lifting are that my arm span isn’t wide enough to get good leverage and my upper body strength isn’t strong enough… even when I had little muscles… one of the actual differences between the sexes.