Woodworking and Robotics books - Looking for a new home

Good morning all - I have years of Woodsmith and ShopsNotes magazine. I would like them to go to some organization or group that could use them. I believe I have every issue of both. If anyone knows someplace that could use such a resource please have them reach out to me. It would be a shame to recycle them, lots of projects ideas and how to.

I also have a number of robotics books that I would like to see go to a good home. Maybe some teacher who is running a robotics program might like them. I will pull a list together for any interested group.


Rob Libby

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Maybe it is time to start a library at the Generator?

-Bill Gottesman

Rob - I teach robotics and Design for Charlotte Central School and would be very interested in those resources. Wish I had accesx to a school woodshop but those are pretty rare these days. Allan

Allen - A school would be perfect. Would you like all of the Woodsmith and ShopNotes? If so I can bring them and the robotics books for you to look at.

How would you like to do this?